Fighting for You

Everyday HGEA is on the front lines fighting for workers’ rights in the workplace, including job security, pay and benefits, good working conditions and fair treatment. 

We are responsible for providing contract enforcement, receiving and investigating member complaints and concerns, and filing formal grievances on your behalf. When challenges in the workplace arise everything from retaliation to wrongful termination HGEA is there to protect your rights. 

If you have any questions or need help, please contact your island division office or the HGEA Member Service Center at (808) 543-0000 or 


Kauai Kitchen Supervisor Reinstated

Melissa Moody, Kauai
Cook IV, Unit 2

“As far as being a member of the union, absolutely. No doubt about it. Because you might think, ‘I’ll never use it.’ That was my mentality. And look what happened. After 21 years of service, HGEA was there when I needed them the most.”

DOE Employee Compensated for Denied Leave

Rodman Moniz, Oahu
Educational Assistant III, Unit 3

“I just don’t want anyone else to go through what I did,” Rodman said. “I’m so thankful for HGEA’s help. They fight for you, and they don’t give up. I’m grateful HGEA kept fighting.”

Deputy Sheriff Wins Back Job

Thomas Cayetano, Oahu
Deputy Sheriff II, Unit 14

“I’m indebted to HGEA. When I needed them, they were there for me. They came through. I will never forget it. I’m glad and proud to be an HGEA member.”

Member Reinstated After Wrongful Termination

Brian Brunn, Oahu
Deputy Sheriff II, Unit 14

“HGEA went out of their way to help. I suffered a little bit, but with the union behind me the burden wasn’t that great. The union came through when I needed them. I’m really grateful. They’re the real deal.”