Board of Directors

2021-2023 board of directors

The new term for the president and the board of directors is July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2023. All are volunteers and serve without compensation.


Jon A. Gasper, Oahu
Clerk V
State Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs
Professional and Vocational Licensing Division



  Kaloa R. N. Robinson, Hawaii
Housing Specialist 
County of Hawaii, Office of Housing & Community Development 


Russell K. Wellington, Kauai
West Coordinator II
County of Kauai, Department of Parks and Recreation


Cielo E. Molina, Maui
Special Investigator
State Department of Human Services, BESSD INVO


Jason R. Locke, Oahu
Head Custodian
State Department of Education


Unit 2 

Lance M. Kamisugi, Oahu
School Food Service Manager
State Department of Education

Unit 3  

Ryvette G. Figueroa, Maui
Commission Support Clerk
County of Maui Department of Finance, Real Property Asset Division

Darleen K. Hoshida, Oahu
Account Clerk IV
State Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, ASO/Fiscal
Sandra "Sandy" Moses, Hawaii
Account Clerk IV
State Department of Public Safety, Hawaii Community Correctional Center

  Lakea C.A.K. Tjomsland, Oahu
Police Communications Officer II
Honolulu Police Department, Communications
Vernon L. Verzon, Oahu
Educational Assistant III
State Department of Education
Aiea Elementary School


Unit 4 

Pam F. Mitsumura, Oahu
Parking Enforcement and Collection Supervisor
Honolulu Police Department, Traffic Division

Unit 6

Derek K. Minakami, Oahu
State Department of Education
Kaneohe Elementary School

Unit 8 

Mark C. Yap, Oahu
IT Manager
University of Hawaii
College of Education

Unit 9 

Justin S. Lam, Oahu
Registered Nurse, VI
State Department of Health, OHCA

Unit 13 

  Arnold D. Abe, Maui
Civil Engineer V
County of Maui, Department of Environmental Management

Ginet U. Hayes, Oahu
Section Administrator 
State Department of Human Services, BESSD
  Amanda R. K. Lowrey, Oahu
Food Safety Specialist IV
State Department of Health, Environmental Health Services


Unit 14

Charles R. Among, Jr., Oahu
Deputy Sheriff II
State Department of Public Safety, Sheriffs Division


Unit 15

Bryan S. Phillips, Oahu
Water Safety Officer II
City & County of Honolulu, Emergency Services, Ocean Safety Division