About Us

As Hawaii's largest public-sector labor union, HGEA is a thriving organization with high membership involvement, respected in the community and dedicated to improving the lives of all people. Our mission is to preserve and advance employee rights and benefits through collective bargaining, legislative advocacy and political action.

HGEA prides itself on being a democratic union — a union by the members, for the members. The highest policy-making body is the General Assembly. Delegates meet every two years to act on resolutions that guide the union and its officers. They consist of HGEA members from all islands and all bargaining units.

When the General Assembly is not in session, the Board of Directors is responsible for policy decisions affecting the organization. The board consists of elected representatives who are active members representing all bargaining units and all islands, and a representative of the Retirees Unit. For the most recent Board Summaries, log in to the Member Dashboard.

Each bargaining unit is also organized as a representational form of government. Unit issues, programs and activities are acted on by unit boards of directors, island divisions representing bargaining units on each island, and agency councils made up of bargaining unit stewards within every state and county department. See organizational chart (PDF).

Committees are also appointed to establish and fulfill specific goals of HGEA.

  • Committee on Charter, Bylaws and Resolutions
  • Committee on Community Action
  • Committee on Elections
  • Committee on Finance
  • Committee on Political Action
  • Committee on Recreation
  • Committee on Education & Training
  • Special Committee on Member Benefits
  • Special Committee on C. R. Kendall Fundraising

The Charter of Incorporation & Bylaws provides a reference to the governing laws of HGEA. To see the most recent version of the HGEA bylaws or your Unit bylaws, log in to the Member Dashboard.