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What do we do?

The state Political Action Committee (PAC) is also responsible for the HGEA legislative program. Legislative measures supporting the wants and needs of the union membership are solicited from the general membership at every opportunity throughout the year, ranging from the deliberations of the General Assembly, to the distribution of input forms to the members. These proposed measures are then screened by the state PAC and sent to the Board with recommendations for approval. The executive director and staff are responsible for lobbying at legislatures and with the governor & county mayors to enact the union’s legislative package.

HGEA already has an outstanding history of legislative accomplishments, including:

  • Five-day work week (1941)
  • Funeral leave (1955)    
  • Unlimited sick leave accumulation (1959)
  • 40-hour work week (1959)
  • Equal pay for equal work (1961)
  • Health Fund dental benefits (1965)
  • Retirement credit for unused sick leave (1975)
  • Staggered work hours (1977)
  • Deferred compensation plan (1981)
  • Fully paid children's dental and group life insurance (1991)
  • Final and binding arbitration for HGEA units (1995)
  • Creation of Unit 14 (2013) and Unit 15 (2021)

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