Member Benefits & Programs

HGEA members enjoy access to benefits and programs, which include discounts, scholarships, recreational activities, training, and more.

Featured Member Discounts

Hawai'i's Toy Company

Hawai'i's Toy Company

Bring on the Smiles!

Meli Beeswax Wraps

Meli Beeswax Wraps

eco-friendly storage option

Fishing, Diving, and Hunting supplies

Fishing, Diving, and Hunting supplies

Serving the Big Island since 1920!

Scholarship Opportunities

Placeholder ImageA number of scholarships are available on a yearly basis for HGEA members and their dependents who are attending a college, community college or university, or vocational, trade or other post- high school study on a full-time basis.

Additionally, financial assistance for taking job-related or occupational development courses is available to members who have been in good standing for at least one year.

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Welcome to the Next Wave

Placeholder ImageNext Wave is a national movement founded by our parent union, AFSCME, to identify and develop future leaders. We’re organizing young & new union activists to recruit, engage and motivate young members to step up and become young leaders.

The Haumana Project

The Haumana Project is a new initiative developed by the Next Wave committee to make sure that our current leaders transfer the valuable lessons and knowledge that they have acquired to the emerging generation of upcoming leaders. The Haumana Project pairs mentors with Next Wave members and fosters relationships for growth and leadership development.

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Community Action

Placeholder ImageHGEA members are a vital part of these islands we call home. Whether it is as a soccer coach, youth group leader, church official or charity volunteer, members donate their time, energy and skills to improve everyone's quality of life.

HGEA's community action program improves the union's visibility in the community and increases the public's understanding of and support for HGEA.

Participate in Community Events